On the Road

I’ve spent six of the last seven weekends driving between New Jersey and South Carolina. That seventh weekend? It was spent driving to and from Massachusetts. So, as you can imagine, it’s been a crazy two months. I’m in Charleston now.. and I can’t even explain how excited I am to finally have a weekend that does not involve driving. With one exception, these trips have all been solo and lasted a minimum of eleven hours. As a result, I’ve become something of an expert when it comes to road trips.

Caffeinate! I always start with a cup of coffee, but I typically end up drinking a Red Bull and another cup of coffee before the trip is over. It may sound like a lot of caffeine (because it is), but when you’re in a car by yourself for 11-14 hours, it becomes necessary. I love driving I-95 in the states that are further north because there are a ton of Wawas.. my favorite place to get coffee (and one of my favorite places in general.. the south is missing out).

Wawa coffee

Water is an absolute must. I buy two 32-ounce water bottles before each of my trips. Staying hydrated is super important and actually helps to keep me awake.. especially when I decide I’ve had enough caffeine for one day. Yes, all these drinks means I need to make extra pit stops, but there are so so many nice rest stops on I-95 that I actually enjoy being able to get out of my car for a few minutes.


Download an audiobook. I did this for the first time last summer, and it’s been an absolute life-saver! The day before my trip I download a book from my library and load it onto my iPod. I always choose a mystery/thriller – they tend to keep my attention the best. (It’s worked out pretty well lately too because these books have ended up being about the same length as my drive.)


Waze it up. Karen posted about how much she loved Waze over the summer, and I have to agree with her.. Waze is awesome. “Imagine millions of drivers out on the roads, working together towards a common goal: to outsmart traffic and get everyone the best route to work and back, every day.” Waze lets you know when there’s a cop, construction, traffic, etc. And you can actually see the other Wazers that are on the road with you. It’s a fun app.. especially for a looong trip.


I’m stopping at four because I’ve never been a big fan of the number five. And because surviving a road trips is actually pretty simple – just do what it takes to make the drive enjoyable. If there’s anywhere fun to stop along the way (and you have time), do it! You see different parts of the country when you’re driving than you ever would if you flew, so enjoy it :)

Share your best road trip tip!

Any other Wawa fans out there?

Favorite mystery/thriller?

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20 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. Glad you love waze as much as I do. It’s such a great app!! I love Gillian Flynn’s books. They always keep me on the edge of my seat :)

  2. These tips couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m making a road trip, with my mom though but none the less a road trip in two weeks from Ohio to South Carolina! So excited and I will be using that coffee tip!

    • I MUCH prefer taking them with someone else.. I’m the same way. Which is why I have a book to listen to and make a ton of pit stops haha. Fresh air helps to wake me up!

  3. Oh damn I’m downloading waze now haha. Never heard of it, but it sounds awesome! I haven’t taken a road trip on my own in a few years, but I think I’ll have one in June now to see my fam in NJ, and I’m excited! I love to make a long playlist too filled with lots of different types of music to keep me entertained for a few hours ;)

    • I love making playlists for road trips! When Mike’s driving with me, I usually make a few CDs to listen to. When I’m by myself though, I will fall asleep if music is my only distraction.

  4. I think I am one of those rare Philadelphians that enjoys Wawa for its convenience and consistency, but doesn’t absolutely love it and miss it when I’m away from the tri-state region. I may have over did it when I was 16 and could drive on my own and there was no where else to go lol. Great tips, especially about Waze…will have to look into that!

    • We didn’t have Wawa in the town I grew up in, so my first Wawa experience was in college.. and it was a staple for late-night and early-morning snacking. Now though, I think it’s more of a comfort thing than anything else. And I really do love their coffee haha.

  5. Never heard of Wawa — apparently not a West Coast thing. Never heard of Waze either.

    Best road trip tip … music, music, music.

    Favorite mystery/thriller … hmmm, not much of a mystery reader. This is one of those questions that’s difficult for me to answer because I’ve read so many books, I’ve forgotten them all. :)

    • It must only be the Northeast.. really just a better version of 7-11 haha.

      Have you found yourself starting to read books only to realize you’ve already read them? I’ve had that happen a few times, and I’m always embarrassed when it does. Even though I’m the only person that knows it happened ;)

      • It’s kind of like faces. I never forget a face but I always struggle with names. Same thing with books. I remember the title and cover so I’ll remember if I read it. Just wont remember what’s inside. It has happened very rarely, however, but my reaction is a mix of embarrassment and disgust.

  6. We have very similar road trip/traveling experiences! I always start with coffee and then when I stop to use the bathroom or get a new tank of gas, I’ll buy a couple of containers of water! :) I also love to listen to a book on tape while I’m driving. It makes the trip go so much faster!

  7. I live in NC but all of my family lives in Ohio so I make the 10 hour drive there and back quite a few times through out the year! I’m actually driving up there in 2 weeks so these will definitely come in handy. Definitely downloading Waze!!

  8. I would go INSANE with that many road trips in such a short time! I don’t think I’ve ever driven by myself for longer than an hour…sad eh? I love listening to audiobooks when driving though! My favorite thing to do on a road trip with other people is googling some interesting/thought provoking questions and then listening to each other’s answers. I’ve had some really amazing conversations about life on road trips :)

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