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Friday Favorites

I hate how long I’ve been MIA from the blog world, but I love the reason for it.. after a stressful couple weeks of packing up our entire apartment, loading the U-Haul, and driving I-95 from New Jersey to South Carolina, we are officially moved into our new townhouse in Charleston! We still have quite a bit to do in the house, but it feels SO good to be back and (almost) settled in. So.. to get back in the blog game, let me tell you about some of my favorites from the past few weeks.

Carrot Cake M&Ms

These Carrot Cake M&Ms have been my downfall lately.. they’re just so good! I really love the seasonal flavor M&Ms that keep popping up. They make the perfect little treat to have in a bowl around the house.

If I StayThis book has been on my “to read” list for a very long time, and I finally got my hands on it this week. So worth the wait. It’s a beautiful story with the perfect ending. And the day I finished reading it, the trailer for the upcoming movie was released. Definitely teared up watching it.. can’t wait to see the movie!

Crouse Wedding & Rimmel

Mike’s cousin and his wife renewed their vows in Rhode Island a couple weeks ago – it was a whirlwind of a weekend, but we had a great time celebrating with Mike’s family and doing a little exploring (we made a pit stop in Mystic, CT to have a slice at the Mystic Pizza). The wedding seemed like the perfect time to try out the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick I received from Influenster. I’ve never been one to wear lipstick, but I loved the extra pop of color it added to my outfit!

Good Time

Last night, I went to my first South Carolina Girls’ Pint Out night at Edmund’s Oast, a high-end brew pub in Charleston. It was a 3-course pairing of beers and delicious dishes. My favorite “snack” was the Roasted Brussels (served with pancetta, nuoc-cham, and sage).. hands down, the best brussels sprouts I’ve ever had. The quote above is on one of the walls outside the restaurant. It’s so perfect!

Anna Kendrick SNLI know I’m late on this, but I loved Anna Kendrick’s opening monologue on SNL – she did the opening song from Beauty and the Beast. I mean, it’s only been my dream basically my entire life to be Belle, so that would’ve been a dream come true for me. Just another reason to love Anna Kendrick!

Have you tried the Carrot Cake M&Ms?

Best book you’ve read recently?

What’s on tap for the weekend?

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11 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. yep, i tried the CC m&ms last year! they had a good spice to them. have you had the birthday cake ones? i heard they weren’t that great! bummer. :( adding that book to my list! :)

  2. olivia keeps telling me i need to read if i stay. i have to stop dragging my feet and just do it. and i’m completely jealous you were in RI. miss that place so much.

  3. Omggggg, carrot cake m&ms and anna kendrick singing belle??? What rock have I been living under??? As soon as big kid is asleep I’ll be checking that out haha. Still reading the hypnotists love story which is great but I’ve been wanting to read if i stay, too. Next book to reserve from the library :)

  4. If I Stay is so so perfect!!! One of my favorite YA novels in a long time. I’m a little wary about the movie, but I”ll obviously still go see it :) And carrot cake M&Ms sound perfect for Easter! I just indulged my chocolate covered pretzel craving. Sometimes ya just need an unhealthy treat. Happy Friday!!

  5. Carrot Cake M&Ms?? Holy cow, those totally sound like my kind of thing. There are SO many flavors of M&Ms that I want to try now. I’ve gotta say, peanut butter and pretzel will probably always be my favorites though.

  6. I’ve never seen carrot cake m&ms before! We never get any cool flavours here :( I also loved Anna Kendrick on SNL! She killed it! Glad to have you back around blog land :)

  7. Ok I totally agree – missed you, but YAY welcome back to the SOUTH baby!!!! heck yessss! I bet Charleston is amazing right now, I’m so jealous. Gahhh. Rest assured I’ll be visiting again really soon!! I might need to find a race to justify coming up there (it’s so expensive!!). And dayummm to those MnM’s, I need my hands on those ASAP. And Anna Kendrick is the best and she was adorably precious on SNL. <3

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