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Pinterest Challenge: Cleaning the Oven

At the beginning of the year, I decided I was going to challenge myself to try one new recipe from my Pinterest boards each week. It’s been too many weeks since I actually made one of the recipes (blame it on the move!), but I’m bringing the Pinterest Challenge back today with a little spin.

The worst part of moving (in my opinion) is having to clean out the place you’re movingĀ from. Cleaning the new place isn’t bad because it’s new and exciting, but what exactly is the point of cleaning the old apartment? It’s not like you benefit from this cleaning. But it’s necessary if you want that security deposit back.

Our oven was an absolute disaster after cooking the turkey for Friendsgiving. I’m ashamed to admit that every inch of it was covered in baked-on grease. Note to self (and anyone else who can learnĀ from my experience): Clean the oven immediately after cooking a turkey! We tried scrubbing with soap and water, but it just wasn’t working. So I turned to Pinterest (duh).

I saw a ton of pins like the one below. Make a paste using baking soda and water and let it sit for anywhere from 10 minutes to 12 hours. We smeared that paste all over the oven door and left it on for an hour. When that didn’t work, we made another paste and let it sit overnight. Still no luck.

Baking Soda & Water

We ended up buying Bar Keepers Friend, a cleaning supply I also saw recommended on Pinterest. This was our saving grace.. squirt this stuff onto the stains and scrub it off with a brillo pad. Our oven still doesn’t look awesome, but it looks MUCH better than it did.. I dare say it’s clean now!

Now here’s the part that made me want to write this post. I saw quite a few pins about cleaning oven racks in the bathtub using dryer sheets. What? I had to try this.. and it worked! Here’s the post I used: An (Almost) Effortless Way to Clean Your Oven Racks. Basically, you use dryer sheets and Dawn dish soap (optional), and the gunk just falls right off the racks.

cleaning oven racks

I put 8 dryer sheets down in the tub, placed the oven racks on top of them, squirted some dish soap over the whole thing, and filled the tub with hot water. The next morning, I used a dryer sheet to lightly scrub at the stains (most of them wiped away really easily). That’s it! My oven racks don’t look like new, but they do look pretty awesome now.

Sorry if you found this post boring, but when something blows my mind (like this dryer sheet thing did), I have to share! Plus, I’m in major cleaning/organizing mode at the moment. Things will be much more exciting once I get to the new place and enter decorating mode. ;)

Do you have any cleaning tips/tricks to share?
I have quite a bit of cleaning ahead of me the next two weeks, so any and all are appreciated!

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7 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge: Cleaning the Oven

  1. your dream cleaner that’s all natural and takes ZERO time: STEAM CLEANER. for real. i had that nasty, baked on gross crap ovens have and i spent years researching for safe, natural oven cleaners without having to scrub for hours and came up with nothing. then i stumbled upon my steam cleaner i forgot i bought, tried it out and OMFG, all that crap just melted right off, zero effort from me and only took me FIVE MINUTES.

  2. Love this! I’m not looking forward to the day when my roomie and I move out of our apartment, we may need to call in some professionals ;)

    I do a fair amount of kitchen cleaning with baking soda instead of bleach — it’s less harsh and I saw on Dr. Oz that it’s the cleanest way to clean your sponges (they quickly become the most bacteria-ridden thing in your home). But I can see how you’d need something more heavy duty for an oven!

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