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Two Movies, a Book, and a TV Show

HIMYM Finale

How I Met Your Mother is over, and I’m just not sure how I feel about that series finale. First, why dedicate an entire season to Barney and Robin’s wedding if the finale isn’t going to have anything to do with it (and really, why dedicate any entire season to Barney and Robin’s wedding at all)? And umm, WHAT?! to that last scene. I mean, they had the ending to the entire show planned out during the first season! I don’t think I like that ending, but I give them major props (Major Props *salutes*) for wrapping it up nicely. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the last few seasons, but I really loved the beginning of this show, and I’m sad to see it go :(

The Longest Ride

I think I’ve read every book Nicholas Sparks has written. I also think I’ve seen every movie that has been made based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. I am a sucker for his love stories. The stories are so predictable, but I guess I keep reading them because I just love love (don’t worry.. even I hate me for saying that). This latest book was no exception. See for yourself…

“In the tradition of his beloved first novel, The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks returns with the remarkable story of two couples whose lives intersect in profound and surprising ways. Ira and Ruth. Sophia and Luke. Two couples who have little in common, and who are separated by years and experience. Yet their lives will converge with unexpected poignancy, reminding us all that even the most difficult decisions can yield extraordinary journeys: beyond despair, beyond death, to the farthest reaches of the human heart.”

I have to say.. I wish Sparks had stuck with just one couple, just one story. I really liked reading about Luke and Sophia – their individual backgrounds, how they met, the ups and downs of their relationship – but I found myself skimming the chapters about Ira and Ruth. I understand why the two stories were necessary, but I would’ve enjoyed reading this book much more if it had been all about Sophia and Luke.

Saving Mr. Banks

“When Walt Disney’s daughters begged him to make a movie of their favorite book, P.L. Travers’ Mary Poppins, he made them a promise-one that he didn’t realize would take 20 years to keep. In his quest to obtain the rights, Walt comes up against a curmudgeonly, uncompromising writer who has absolutely no intention of letting her beloved magical nanny get mauled by the Hollywood machine. But, as the books stop selling and money grows short, Travers reluctantly agrees to go to Los Angeles to hear Disney’s plans for the adaptation.” And so begins Saving Mr. Banks, the story of the two weeks P.L. Travers spent in California overseeing the writing of Mary Poppins the movie.

I had no doubt in my mind that I would enjoy this movie, but it really was excellent. One of the best parts of the movie was actually at the very end, during the credits, when they played a recording from the actual meetings between P.L. Travers and the Disney writers. I love movies based on true stories! And a movie based on the story behind a classic like Mary Poppins? Perfect. Ooh, I REALLY want to watch Mary Poppins now!


Aaaand, last but not least, I took myself on a solo movie date to see Divergent last week.

First things first.. where in the world has Theo James been hiding all these years?! ;)

When I walked out of the theater after seeing The Hunger Games (and every Harry Potter movie), I wanted to rush home and start re-reading the books.. and I could not wait for the second movie to come out. I just didn’t feel that way about Divergent.. despite the fact that I DID feel that way about each of the books. That’s not to say the movie wasn’t good, because it was. I think I was just expecting a little more from it.

HIMYM finale.. what’d ya think?

Nicholas Sparks.. yay or nay?

Divergent.. book or movie?

What have you been watching/reading lately?

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18 thoughts on “Two Movies, a Book, and a TV Show

  1. I’m kind of glad I don’t watch HIMYM because it seems like the general consensus is that the finale wasn’t what they wanted it to be! And also because I get really sad when shows I love end ;) I LOVED Saving Mr.Banks so so much! I love Emma Thompson, and how sassy the character of P.L Travers was. I’ve never read that Sparks novel, but I do love his others! I’ll have to put it on my list :)

  2. I want to see Saving Mr. Banks so badly! My husband didn’t want to see it with me so I never ended up going around the holidays – I should’ve just gone by myself! I go to movies all the time by myself (and have been since I was 16 or 17) but I just didn’t make it out. I’ll definitely be renting it soon :)

    • I could have written that comment.. except sub “boyfriend” for “husband.” I had every intention of seeing it when it came out and it just didn’t happen. Definitely rent it! I loved it.

  3. I’m a sucker for Nicholas Sparks books! I think I’ve read all of his as well, so I’ll need to find The Longest Ride.
    I want to see the Divergent movie, but honestly, I haven’t read the books yet, so I’d rather do that first :)

  4. I have so much sh*t to say about the HIMYM finale it’s not even funny. I was LIVID with the ending. I thought they did a terrible job closing it up because it literally makes the last few seasons worthless. And I won’t give away any spoilers in my comment just in case but seriously to what happens with Tracy? Ugh, I was just not a fan of that finale at all. I want to unwatch it. I have been a viewer since the beginning and while the latter seasons haven’t been the best, like you, I still enjoyed the show overall.
    Now I’m off to go pout in a corner. :)

  5. UG I am so mad about the HIMYM ending!! This season as definitely really crappily made… I barely found myself laughing, and really thought they had run out of things to write/film/do. Really was hoping that Barney and Robin would stay together. I just hated how he totally went backwards with his progress. Although I’m happy he is a father, I was really hoping it was going to be Robin’s. ugh. ugh UGH. It will take me a few years to get closure on this.

  6. I so want to see saving mr. Banks! My mum loved it and said she thought I would too! I felt the same about divergent…just not what I expected them to do with that but theo james made it ok ;) I’ll have to check out the new nicholas sparks….used to read him all the time but haven’t in a few years. I like him, despite the predictability :)

  7. I only made it to season 2 HIMYM and I didn’t watch the finale, but I followed twitter updates about it and it definitely seemed a little bit sneaky… if that’s the right word? Was the final scene the original scene with the blue french horn, or was he going to ask her out using the french horn again? I know the finale went through a bunch of different years so I’m confused from not watching!

    I’ve heard such good things about Saving Mr. Banks! I have to admit it’s one I didn’t really want to see based on the previews, but everyone I know who has seen it has raved about how good it was!

  8. i love nicholas sparks but i can’t see myself reading many more of his books, just because as you said, they’re so predictable. i really do love love, so i might fall into reading some more of his someday. also, i loved saving mr. banks! i thought it was so cute! and the characters were all so lovable! haven’t watched HIMYM, but i need to netflix it because i’ve heard great things, and definitely want to see divergent!

  9. I cried watching HIMYM last night and I haven’t watched regularly in years! I really thought Barney and Robin were MFEO, so I’m pretty disappointed with how everything ended. Ah well!

  10. I’ve read a lot of Nicholas Sparks’ books too. I really enjoyed Safe Haven because of the suspense aspect, it felt different than most of his books. Otherwise, The Last Song was also amazing. The only problem with his books is that I almost always end up ugly crying at the end because he throws in some crazy tragedy. Either way, I keep coming back for more, haha :)

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