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Mason Jars, Middle School, and Moving Problems


On Wednesday night, I met my oldest friend (22 years!) for dinner at The Bayou, a brand new restaurant in Bethlehem, PA (seriously.. it opened last week). We started with drinks (Voodoo Juice for me and Maple Peach Sour for Natalie) – the drink in the picture is actually a Jalapeno Margarita that the owner let us try (so spicy! but very tasty). I loved that most of the drinks were served in mason jars!

On the host’s recommendation, we ordered Flash-Fried B.E.P. (black eyed peas) for an appetizer. Neither one of us had ever had black eyed peas before, but we both loved the app. It was so crunchy! Dinner for me was Ty’s Mac & Cheese – House Maple Bacon, Aged Cheddar (DiBruno Bros.) + Fontina, Sweet Peas. It was awesome.. and tasted just as great reheated for lunch the next day ;) Natalie got the House Andouille, served with Crispy Grit Cakes, Pickled Shallots, Fried Egg. I had a bite (obviously).. so good! The grit cakes tasted like a tortilla chip with a warm center. Yum! If you’re ever in Bethlehem, definitely check this place out!

The Bayou

I had the most intense Throwback Thursday ever this week. My mom asked me to clean out the closet in my room at her house, so I started at the top.. and didn’t get any further than that. I found 4 boxes of notes from middle school and high school. And productivity went out the window. I spent somewhere around 4 hours reading through the notes in those boxes. I was actually shocked at how different my memory of middle school was from how it apparently actually was (according to these notes). I was cracking up reading through the boy drama and the “BFF” drama. “Who do you want to slow dance with at the dance on Friday?” “OMG Chris is so mean lol.” The best, though, was my 8th grade best friend telling me her ex was going to ask her back out, but he was going to wait a couple days because he had just broken up with someone and wanted to be single for awhile. I mean.. the things we thought were important in middle school.. jeez!

Throwback Thursday

I have to say.. my biggest regret (that’s definitely not the right word.. I guess more of an “I wish” or “what if” kind of thing) from middle school is that I didn’t take advantage of the fact that the boy I ended up having a crush on for most of middle school AND high school actually liked me (as I was told in countless notes). He died in a car crash this past summer, and I actually have a lot of regrets when it comes to him. He was and always will be one of my favorite people, and I just wish I hadn’t taken him for granted. Love you and miss you, Will.

On a lighter note, I finally watched Frozen this week! It wasn’t the story I was expecting at all, but I loved it. Aaaand I’ve had “Let It Go” stuck in my head on a loop since then.

November 1st, 2013 @ 20:51:56

Mike and I have been on a big BuzzFeed quiz kick lately. I know we’re not the only ones compulsively taking those quizzes ;) Yesterday, I did “Which TV/Movie High School Would You Attend?” and got Dillon High School and was way too excited. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to school with the gorgeous people below?

Dillon High School

And finally.. I am having so much trouble looking for a place to live in SC! I found a gorgeous house that Mike and I were 100% set on, and then the guy (who I had actually spoken with) took the listing down and put the house up for sale instead of for rent. No, he didn’t bother telling me that it was no longer available. So rude. Another one we were really interested in used a picture of a townhouse to get people to call about a condo – umm, not the same thing. (Don’t worry – I told them how misleading that was.) Does anyone have suggestions for where to look for rentals? I’ve been using Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads, but I am open to anything!

Keep Calm and Move South

What was the best thing you ate this week?

Anyone else still have their notes from middle/high school?

What TV/movie high school would you attend?

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16 thoughts on “Mason Jars, Middle School, and Moving Problems

  1. ahhhh…folded notes was my ‘texting’ circa 1980s. when i found mine, i called my friend who also had his box of notes and went over to read them. we spent a good evening laughing our ASSES off at all the nonsense we used to write to each other, what others wrote to us etc. now i can’t find them!!! :(

    • I was talking to my mom about how much the kids in middle school and high school now are missing out because they have texting – they won’t have any of those notes to look back at years from now!

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who held on to notes and things from middle school! All those fancy folding types– I wonder if notes don’t even exist anymore with texting these days?! Sad! haha

  3. I’m convinced just about everything everything tastes better in mason jars (for the exception of the jalapeño margarita- I don’t do spicy).
    Good luck finding a place in Charleston!

  4. I can’t believe you still have those notes!! I did the same closet purge a few years ago and reread old notes. I have a horrible memory so I couldn’t remember some of the inside jokes and stories at all! And then some of them made me ask “WTF was I thinking?” I cringe at my teenage self! I don’t know if they post rentals, but we used Movoto when we were house hunting. They’re all the same, but I thought the site was more user friendly. Good luck!!

  5. Seriously those drinks and the mac and cheese sound so good! I wouldn’t mind going to H.S. again if it means Taylor Kitsch is at the school. Have you tried and msn real estate section?

  6. That meal sounds heavenly – both yours and your friends! :) Jealous! And gr, I have no clue what else you can use to find a place to live – those would all be my suggestions. :( I wish you were rich and could by a house near the battery so I could come stay in an awesome place with you for free #eventhoughwe’venevermet

  7. I still need to see Frozen! Preferable before spring/summer gets here? Haha. I have alllllll my notes and I’m so terrified to read thru them again. I did a few years ago and remember how funny they were but now I’m thinking I should just toss most and keep only one shoebox of them since they make me wayyyy too emotional haha

  8. FNL is one of my favorite shows on the planet!! i would loveeeeee to be a student at Dillon high. especially if tim riggens was there as well if you know what i mean. ;) hahaha.

  9. I love Buzzfeed quizzes and once I take one, I feel like I typically take at least 5 more or have Dan take them so we can compare our results, haha :)

    Sorry about your renting frustrations, the websites you mentioned are the ones I know about. I hope that something comes through for y’all soon!

  10. Ahhh I used to write/receive so many notes in middle school as well!! I’m glad you finally got to watch frozen! Wasn’t it amazing?! I’m still obsessed with the soundtrack, not going to lie!

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