Friday Five

Friday Snow Day Five

Happy Friday! Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Weekend!

Fridays are fun days, and this one’s a holiday and a snow day, so let’s get this started the right way…

What do you get when you cross a vampire with a snowman?

Ba dum tssshhh :) Without further ado, heeeeeere’s my Friday Five!

Friday Five 2.13

1. Homemade “pizza” and breakfast foods have been my go-to foods most of this week. With all this snow, Mike’s been MIA around here because he’s out plowing and shoveling (aka making $$$). As a result, I haven’t been cooking. Apparently I would not have a very balanced diet if I lived alone. Good thing I don’t.

2. This is how I spent my snow day.. watching Scandal. Lots and lots of Scandal.

3. My brand new KitchenAid mixer <3 This was a Christmas/birthday present from Mike’s parents.. I was so surprised and so excited when I opened this massive box on Christmas day. Wednesday was the first time I got to use it though. I made this recipe minus the chocolate chips and as muffins instead of bread. Oh my yum!

4. RIP Shirley Temple – I made the classic drink earlier this week in memory of the actress-turned-ambassador.

5. Early Valentine’s Day gifts from my valentine <3
Champagne (& champagne glasses!), my favorite candy, and Ellen’s I’m Gonna Make You Dance Jams!
We “celebrated” a little early (which really just consisted of exchanging our little gifts because I had to work) because of the snow/plowing, but I’m reaaallllyyy hoping Mother Nature calms down tonight and I actually get to spend Valentine’s Day with Mike. Fingers crossed we get a night of pizza and dancing to Ellen’s jams!

Are you celebrating tonight? What’s on the agenda?

What’s your favorite candy?

Any punny jokes to share? I’m just in that kind of mood today ;)

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36 thoughts on “Friday Snow Day Five

  1. Yay, what a great list of 5! I also love Peppermint Patties, but I think I’m slightly more partial to Junior Mints. So jealous of your Kitchen Aid! Can’t wait to see what other recipes you try in that thing. I’m looking forward to some card exchanges among the kids at school today! Happy Friday!!

  2. I am kind of celebrating! Or at least I am writing a post on celebrating lol, I am going to make some Valentine’s for some special people in my life since I don’t have that special someone in my life! My favorite candy has to be Justin’s Almond Butter Cups, I will have to pick myself up one tonight!

  3. Aww cute Valentine’s gifts :) I love that Ellen cd! And your version of a snow day sounds perfect to me! Fingers crossed the snow relaxes so you guys get your evening together! Have a great weekend hun!

    • He made it in time to celebrate! And then promptly crashed after dinner. We had the whole weekend though, so that made up for his lack of awakeness on Friday haha.

  4. I spent my snow day yesterday watching Scandal too! I finished season 2, so now off to find the first few episodes of season 3 before I go into withdrawal…

    What does a nosey pepper do?
    Get jalapeƱo business. :)

  5. You can’t make me pick a favorite candy. I won’t do it! :P~

    I hope you guys get to spend time together tonight! Those are some great gifts. We have a very exciting night of grocery shopping ahead of us, followed by the dentist and taxes tomorrow. Be jealous.

  6. York patties I am SOOO jealous! I could eat an entire bag in 2 minutes, easily! I’ve never watched Scandal but heard it’s sooo good! Growing up, I used to have this breakfast which was so good! A bagel and you cut a block of cheese and place them around the bagel slices (on top) and then you throw it in the toaster oven for a few minutes. So good!! Happy Valentine’s Day girl!!

    • I had never made a Shirley Temple before.. that was always a fancy restaurant kind of treat for me as a kid. Felt pretty fancy to be drinking one at home on a random weeknight.

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