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It’s Christmastiiiiime in the cityyyy!

I challenge you to find a city that is more fun to visit around Christmas than New York City. I’ve gone there every Christmas for as long as I can remember, and this year is no different. Our day trip was postponed due to a winter weather advisory on Saturday, but Mike and I had a perfect day in the city on Sunday!

We took the train into Penn Station, which is the perfect starting point for a holiday trip into NYC because it’s almost directly across the street from the Macy’s of Christmas fame. So that was our first stop! We strolled past the windows telling little Virginia O’Hanlon’s story and this year’s big display entitled “Dream…and Believe.”

34th & 7th

From there, we kept walking up 6th Avenue until we hit Rockefeller Center.. and the tree!

Rockefeller tree during the day

Next up was Magnolia Bakery. I’ve been there once before (last spring.. and I saw Chris Parnell while walking there! Lazy Sunday, anyone?), but I was not about to pass up the opportunity to try another delicious cupcake (this time, from the bakery’s Avenue of the Americas location). Mike and I split a gingerbread cupcake.. so good!

Magnolia Bakery

It was way past lunchtime by that point, so we headed to Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square (Mike’s choice). Look who was waiting for me in the bathroom ;) The Hard Rock does not mess around with their decor!


After lunch, we headed to Bryant Park to check out The Winter Village: a beautiful tree, ice skating, and more than 125 boutique-like shops. We spent a good half hour watching all the people on the ice. There was one little boy that fell down at least 20 times while we watched. His jacket was a completely different color by the time the skate session was over, but he clearly had the most fun out of anyone on the ice that afternoon. This picture gives you an idea of how most of the people out there were “skating” though (aka falling and/or pulling themselves along using the wall). People watching is SO entertaining.

ice skating at bryant park

We took another tree pic (because that’s what December NYC trips are for!) and decided to check out Celsius.

Celsius NYC

Definitely one of the coolest restaurants I’ve been in. We found a spot at the bar and ordered some yummy hot drinks. I ordered the Snowcap: Absolut vanilla, kahlua hazelnut, hot chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate shavings. Seriously delicious.

Snowcap at Celsius NYC

Next stop: FAO Schwarz! We channeled Big, watching kids jump around on the Big Piano (although I would’ve preferred to be jumping around myself) and paying a visit to Zoltar for a reading.


By then, it was dark outside and it was time for our second trip to Rockefeller Center. The tree is absolutely gorgeous at night with all the lights glowing. We also wanted to watch the light show on the Saks Fifth Avenue building across the street.

Rockefeller Center Tree at Night

It was a very normal Christmas-y day in the city, but there are few days that make me happier.
I LOVE Christmas in NYC!

Have you been to NYC around Christmas? Favorite part?
Does your city do anything fun for Christmas?

I’m hoping we can get into Philly to do some Christmas-y things soon!

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18 thoughts on “It’s Christmastiiiiime in the cityyyy!

  1. Nyc is still my favorite city to visit at Christmastime. Nothing else compares :) We used to go every year when we still lived in NJ…I miss it a lot and definitely want to make the trip next year!

    • It’d definitely be worth it! I was hoping to stay over in the city one night this year – prices for Friday nights aren’t too bad. Saturdays, on the other hand, are slightly outrageous, so I’ll need to save up a bit before making that happen haha.

  2. That looks like SO much fun! And that drink at Celsius looks amazing. I’ve only been to NYC once for my best friend’s 40th and we hit up spots from Project Runway (her favorite show) that she wanted to see. This was in April though, so definitely nothing like it is now.

    • It was a great day! April in NYC is pretty awesome weather.. not too hot yet, but it’s comfortable to be outside without 3 layers on hahah. Sounds like a fun trip :)

    • Thanks! The restaurant was right in Bryant Park.. they have tables outside with space heaters so you can watch the ice skaters and look at the tree while you eat!

  3. Love your NYC pictures :) I definitely agree that it is one of my favorite places to be around the holidays. It’s so picture perfect! I’m actually going in two weeks! I will have to stop at Magnolia Bakery. I have never been but have heard great things!! Glad you had a nice time!!!

    • I hope your trip is awesome! Definitely check out Magnolia Bakery.. unless you don’t like icing on your cupcakes, because their basically all icing hahah.

  4. Gorgeous pictures! While I do love NYC, my heart is in San Francisco. I’m not biased or anything….I LOVE the city during this time. We often make special trips to see the lights.

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