It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

With this post, I am officially crossing one item off my December Fun List, because Mike and I have decorated our tree and the rest of our apartment. Wanna see? :)

First up is the tree!

Christmas Tree

The first year Mike and I had a tree, we didn’t have any ornaments, so we bought a handful at Target.. which was very dissatisfying. Since then, we’ve been collecting ornaments whenever we travel somewhere new. Here are a few of my favorites…

Santa painted on a seashell (St. Augustine), Coca-Cola polar bear (Atlanta), Merry Christmas Y'all! (Charleston)

Santa painted on a seashell (St. Augustine), Coca-Cola polar bear (Atlanta), Merry Christmas Y’all! (Charleston)

We have lights lining our balcony outside (not pictured, mainly because it’s really cold and lights never look as cool from the inside), and random Christmas decorations throughout the apartment inside.

Christmas 2

Angel / JOY Nativity / mini-ornaments, Elf quote & Sophie the Christmas Bear, and SANTA!

Christmas 1

Advent calendar, SNOOPY (he plays the Peanuts song), and Mike’s favorite sign

Yay Christmas! All of the lighting in my apartment comes from Christmas lights and yummy-smelling candles, and I feel so cozy from the second I wake up til the second I go to sleep. I love this time of year!

Lets Get Bananas

What’s YOUR favorite Christmas decoration?
Mine are my 2 mini Christmas trees, which just do not photograph well. I got the one on the left from Target last year.. I call it my Grinch Tree because I feel like it should be in Whoville. I’ve had the one on the right since middle school when I first decided I wanted to decorate my room for Christmas. Love them both! <3
Christmas Trees 2

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20 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  1. Aww hun i love all the decorations! The trees and pictures and figurines all look lovely! You did a wonderful job decorating :) My goal for next year is to start collecting ornaments when we travel, too…we have two from last year and they mean a lot more than the others!

  2. Looks great! My favorite decoration is also a mini tree. It was my great grandmother’s and it was made by my great aunt when her and my grandmother were kids (my grandmother still has hers as well). It’s had a few cracks here and there along the way, but I love to take it out and put all the individual little bulbs into the limbs and light her up! So pretty!

  3. We were suppose to get a tree this year but everyone’s schedules kept getting messed up. Instead, we just hung lights around the living room. They do look kind of cool. :) I love your seashell Santa!

  4. Your tree looks so pretty! Loving all your decorations! Every year my step mum buys my sister and I the most amazing christmas decorations but since we are in a small apartment we can’t get a real tree and only have a fake small one that we can’t put any decorations on because it has LED lights on it and it would be a fire hazard!

  5. Everything looks great! Nice work. I’m terrible at decorating my house. I’m in the process of decorating a bit more (still) but we do have tree up and some wreaths outside. I need to decide how to display Christmas cards!!

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