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This was my view while I worked the last four days. Gorgeous.

This was my view while I worked the last four days!

I am currently in Denver for work. I flew out on Thursday morning and will be here until tomorrow morning afternoon. I was supposed to be leaving at 7:40 tomorrow morning, flying through Dallas on my way back to Philly. Yepp, my connection was in Dallas.. the one airport in the country that cancelled more than 400 flights on Sunday and had 650 passengers stuck in the terminals overnight. Hearing that this morning, I checked my flight and was disappointed to see that it was already cancelled. So glad I thought to check this morning though.. could you imagine if I hadn’t found that out until I got to the airport in the morning?!

After an hour and a half on hold with American Airlines (which is down from the 4-hour wait times I read about on Twitter this morning), I was given a new flight for a little later in the day tomorrow.. and I’m NOT flying through Dallas now. I’m bummed that I won’t get home until much later now (Mother Nature, please hold off on the snow in Philly.. the city got enough this weekend, and I’d really like to make it home), BUT I’m so thankful I was able to get a flight for tomorrow at all!

ANYWAY, that was my long introduction to share some of my airport travel tips with you…

Getting through security

  1. Wear shoes that are easy to take off and put back on. You’ll have to take them off to go through the metal detector, and everyone behind you will hate you if you take too long.
  2. Wear socks! In the summer, I usually just wear flip flops because they’re so easy to slip on and off, but in the winter, the floor is cold and there’s nothing worse than having to stand on a cold floor in bare feet when you’re already freezing.
  3. Leave the belt in your suitcase (if you can). It’s so awkward to have to put it back on once you get through security. Besides.. yoga pants and leggings are SO much more comfortable to travel in than jeans.
  4. Skip the glitter. Wearing a glittery shirt will most likely result in having the wand used on you.
  5. Are you bringing a laptop? Make sure it’s easy to reach. You’ll need to take it out of whatever bag you have it in to go through security. I always keep mine in a separate pocket in my bag so it’s super easy to pull out and put back in.
Airport Bathroom Selfie

Shameless airport bathroom selfie: Wearing my most comfortable jeans (no belt), short sleeve shirt with a cardigan, and boots that are easy to slip on and off.

Airports and airplanes can be fun!

  • Wear layers. You really never know what the temperature is going to be like throughout your trip. I’m usually freezing on the plane, but this trip I actually took my cardigan off because it was so hot. It’s best to wear layers that can be added or removed to make you more comfortable.
  • Bring a really good book (or two). This makes just about any flight more enjoyable. You don’t have to put it away during takeoff or landing, and the time will fly by! Pun intended ;) This trip, I’m reading The Wolf of Wall StreetJust One Year, and Me Before You.
  • Pack your own snacks. You may not be able to get any liquids through security, but they allow food to pass. I made myself a sandwich, threw together a baggie of banana chips and craisins, and packed a banana and grapes. I didn’t have to buy anything at the airport, and I had access to food whenever I got hungry.
  • Buy a bottle of water. I always buy a big Smart Water as soon as I get to the airport. That guarantees I will drink at least that much water while traveling then. (Be careful about when you drink that water, though.. having to use the bathroom on the airplane is not-so-fun.)
  • Enjoy the scenery! People watching is one of my absolute favorite things to do.. and the airport is one of the best places to do it.

Do you travel a lot? Do you enjoy it?


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6 thoughts on “Travel Tips

  1. Great tips, hun, and that is a beautiful shot of Denver (even if I’m ready for snow to be gone till Christmas Eve haha). I don’t get to travel too much in my line of work at the moment (the past week was a rare occasion), but I do love to fly anytime we go somewhere. Quicker and airports are fascinating places to people watch in my opinion :P Good luck getting home! Fingers crossed you make it in tomorrow!

  2. I actually really do enjoy traveling! And I dont mind flying and stuff. I think Airports are one of the most interesting places because you see sooo many different people and there is a lot to do haha (well, at most airports.. and if you are there at the right time!)

  3. Half the state of Texas is shut down right now because of weather, so I’m not surprised your flight was canceled. Sorry, girl! I hope you get home soon — and safely!

  4. I’m going to Denver in January! I’m so excited but kind of nervous now at the same time because I didn’t even think of flight cancellations. Probably more than you care but flying from JFK -> SFO, SFO -> DEN all in two days. Hopefully I make all my flights!

    I usually travel in the summer and don’t have to worry about all the delays as much as winter!

    • Honestly, the delays weren’t because of Denver. And I wouldn’t think SFO would have any weather issues. JFK’s probably the one you need to be worried about haha. I’m flying back out to Denver in January too – hoping for a MUCH better trip travel-wise!

  5. Airports are definitely the best places to watch people. I am such a people watcher, and while I hate flying and waiting for my connecting flights, I love watching the different people. Especially in the international terminals.

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